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A few reviews about Steve
"He was honest and forthright, on time, and good to his word."

               Mike S. in Apache Junction, AZ

        "Thorough, professional service. Steve really took his time to go over every issue with the house and even discussed ways that each item can be addressed/ fixed. He was pleasant and friendly. He even printed out reports for us on the spot and emailed them to us quickly, as well."

                                  Thad B. in Santan Valley, AZ
Steve Goodyke
Licence Number 44134
P.O. Box 1984
Gilbert, AZ 85249
(480) 247-2784
[email protected]
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        "I highly recommend Steve. We met him at our inspection and he showed us and explained all of the areas of concern. I chose Steve because he has had a lot of experience and that really showed in the inspection. He took his time, even went up on the roof. We would definitely hire him again."
Robbert H. in Gold Canyon
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Ask Steve Responses
Q. Do you have a favorite story from your work?

A. During one of my home inspections I discovered that someone had cut out sections of 6 to 8 trusses in the attic to make more room for storage. In the event of a fire, a 250lb fire fighter with 80lb pack would have fallen strait though the ceiling, which would have put both the fire fighter and the family in severe danger. This particular job made me proud to be a Home Inspector.

Q. How did you decide to get in your line of work?

A. Home inspecting was a very natural transition for me; I have been in and around home construction for 30 years. My position as a remodeling contractor provided the experience that I needed by giving me an all around knowledge of homes. I do not come from just one specific field (plumber, HVAC, etc.), but have a rounded set of skills from working in all fields of the business.
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